About us

Drinkoteket is a platform for everyone who likes to mix (and drink) cocktails, regardless of whether you are a professional bartender or a happy amateur. Our primary service is the recipe bank which contains hundreds of drinks, ingredients and categories.

The website is operated by the company Fredrink AB .

Philosophy & vision

Our vision is to make drinks and cocktails more accessible and to raise the level of the drinks that are created in homes around the world. The focus is to some extent on publishing recipes of a simpler kind, but we also strive to educate and inspire our users to take the turns and dare to create better and more advanced drinks.

Contact & company information

Fredrink AB

Email: info@drinkoteket.se


We offer a variety of advertising opportunities for companies that are interested in marketing themselves on our platform. Contact us at info@drinkoteket.se for more information.

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