Caipirinha Cocktail Recipe

Caipirinha Recipe

Caipirinha is a traditional Brazilian drink and considered by many to be their national drink. It is very delicious and easy to make, and consists only of lime, sugar and cachaça (a Brazilian liquor).



  1. Cut the lime into smaller pieces.
  2. Add sugar. Some prefer cane sugar and others plain white granulated sugar. The amount of sugar usually varies between 15 ml (1 tbsp) - 20 ml.
  3. Muddle the lime pieces to get the juices out and dissolve the sugar.
  4. Fill the glass with ice.
  5. Add cachaça and stir.
  6. Enjoy your Caipirinha!

Our recipe is a good starting point that you can adapt to your own taste and liking. If you want your Caipirinha to be sweeter, add some extra sugar. If you want more acidity, add more lime and so on. Feel free to share in a comment below how you usually do.